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I'm halfway to my goal of raising $200 for Suicide Prevention! :la: 

2 deviants said If you can help, the link to donate is here:…
2 deviants said Wish me luck on the 3 hour walk! :eager:
1 deviant said Read about what you can do to help suicide awareness here:…
Thing one: On Saturday the 12th, I am participating in a walk to raise awareness and money for suicide prevention campaign from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I recently co-wrote an article about suicide awareness with akrasiel for BeautyInRawHumanity. You can read it here :pointr: September: Suicide Awareness 

Suicide prevention is a topic quite close to me. My grandfather died of suicide when my dad was only about 21. One of our good family friends died of suicide when I was 14. And I've been suicidal myself. It's a horrible feeling that is entirely preventable with the right network of mental health programs made readily available. That's why I'm walking to support the AFSP. If you can help sponsor my walk, or let others who might be willing to sponsor it know, the link to donate is here: Liliwrites Donor Drive Thank you. :heart:

Thing two: On a much more jubilant note! I'm participating in a get to know your CVs chat event hosted by CRLiterature this Sunday! Get the details over this-a-way: Know Your CVs Chat Event If you can't make it, don't worry. There will be more chat opportunities in the near future. :eyes:

Women In War: The contest deadline has been extended to September 15th for doughboycafe's hugely inspired Women in War Contest. You should go write a thing for it! 

Lit to Love:

we're notat best
we're a mental image
depending on where we are
and when we are
and maybe
who we're with
moment to moment
an evolving ghost of thought
and while we're on This subject
we've changed who we are
from who we were
only one minute ago
llp - dA - aug2015
it wasn't my bodysay the name you know
won’t leave you. say the name
or say nothing - soon the living
can’t stay home. imagine saying
the name that can stop it.
imagine understanding it was right
dropping out of school
to see your father die
and sometimes it comes back
with a vision. imagine
if you really wanted out -
hear the grass dying
in the background.
and there is no someday hope
that you can remember,
that no one has died,
and now it owns you -
living as a punishment.
see how a long time
is only a thing in my pocket
a moment ago.

We Were Oil SlicksIf I had known life was a clenched fist,
I would’ve taken that punch gratefully,
taste tested my blood, and breathed easy.
But, someone taught me
it is a soft touch, brush stroke,
They told me, “Everyone is special.”
But no one warned me
that my body doesn't care if I’m special
that the body breaks quicker than the mind
that the mind breaks quicker than the heart
that the heart breaks quicker than the lungs
that the lungs work until nothing else does.
There are dead men with more hope than
these bones. They crack like glass under pressure
and one day dream of being sand.
I can’t stop thinking about how I am going to
live. Every day I forget about the previous
as if I haven’t gotten older in years. My mind
does not wander, does not have a destination,
does not catch its breath after remembering
to slow down. It had just slowed down.
This junkyard heart keeps getting cluttered.
Soon, it will crash like the
chemicals and scrap metal it houses.
Doc, I
periphrasiswhen he asked me how i wanted him to build the house,
i answered him truthfully.
i said i wanted the pillars to be made
of pages from every book ever written,
curled in on themselves until
they could hold a roman arch.
pour words, strong and weak, into
the earth instead of cement-
let it be flexible to adapt
to pressure.
build the walls from the ground up
through prose supporting the bricks
layered by memories forged
along the path we took
to arrive at eden.
tilt poems into pyramids above
our heads, ceilings just high enough
to be within earshot of every
laugh we'll ever make.
empty emotions into a template
of a window and slide it into
place without a way to get it
back out.

after i was done, we stood on that
vacant lot, ambiguous thoughts
flitting across his face and down
into my fingertips.
he told me i was crazy.
he told me i was beautiful.
he told me he would build it.



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