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Iconic Tribute Contest Winners!

Mon Jun 20, 2016, 1:29 PM

Bokehs 2 by asphyxiate-Stock

Here they are at last, the winners of the Iconic Tribute Contest hosted by myself through projecteducate! :) Sorry for the delay!

:winner: First Place :winner:

StarJita's Drawing CT: OK Go

CT: OK Go by StarJita

What StarJita had to say about her work:

"For years I have been inspired by [OK Go's] videos, music, and their sheer optimism. My greatest moment came when I got the opportunity to talk to them face to face a few years ago. In talking to them I realized how down to earth they were- very welcoming and easygoing. It was such a relief to know that all these years I was being inspired by truly good people. I love how determined they are and all the difficulties they go through, yet they always push through for the name of art. All of their positive auras, creativity, and strength has encouraged me to not give up in my own art. They helped me realize that truly anything is possible and that passion is an important thing as an artist. Because of them I’ve always pushed through hard times artistically, always looked to improve, and always stayed true to myself. They are more than deserving of being my biggest idols, and I’m so glad I could honor them with my own art."

:winner: Second Place :winner:

SinistrosePhosphate's Paper Art: Kureha - Hitoshi

Kureha - Hitoshi by SinistrosePhosphate

What SinistrosePhosphate had to say about his work:

"The Japanese rock band Kagrra, has always been a source of my inspiration. And the leader of the band, a man who goes by the name of Isshi, was the heart and soul of this group. The group bridged the very old and the very new; created a way for old poetry to be sung with the latest rock beats and introduced traditional instruments into the heart of metal. They followed in no-one else's steps but paved a way for others to follow suit. And their fearless leader was a humble man who wanted to inspire others to believe in themselves. Unfortunately, Isshi was taken away from us entirely too soon. He passed away suddenly in 2011 at the age of 32 with an undisclosed cause.

One thing that has always fascinated me was his chosen stage name, Isshi. The kanji is written as 一志 , meaning "One will". And that is indeed how he lived his life, with one will towards what he wanted to do. His will led us into sharing his vision of a world where time is not just a straight line forward. When we reach back to embrace our past, we also accelerate towards a new future.

The legend of the koi fish has very similar themes as well. The lowly fish swims upstream and battle the currents through their sheer willpower, all in order to reach the waterfall at the end and that one chance where they could leap over that waterfall and become immortalized as dragons. The fishes' will and determination is rewarded with shedding their fins and taking to the air. I cannot find a better representation of this veritable rock legend and his "one will" that brought us something that we have never seen before. And just as the koi fishes, his legacy and his music will be immortalized through the ages."

:trophy: Runner Up :trophy:

julietcaesar's Poem: Ludovico

What julietcaesar had to say about her work:

"I chose Ludovico Einaudi, who is a famous contemporary composer of mostly classical-inspired piano music, though he does have other instruments involved in some of his pieces. His music has been a major part of my writing for the past few years now, whenever it be setting the mood to write more creatively or enticing me into a certain emotional state that will prompt my writing in a different way. Some of his pieces are even stories in itself. I think he can definitely count as an icon, since he has sold millions of copies of his songs and performs internationally. I've had the privilege of watching him perform live once, which was a truly mesmerising experience.

True to form, I listened to him a lot in the writing of this poem (across three albums, Divinere, In A Time Lapse and Elements). Composed over six hours (with breaks to write another poem and two glasses of wine) well into the night. As for title, I quite like the sound of Ludovico just by itself, without his last name. It kinda reflects my relationship with his music- something deeply personal as though we are on a first-name basis."

:clap: Congratulations to our winners! Many thanks to Riemea for help with judging! It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. I'll be contacting prize donors ASAP to make sure they get distributed as quickly as possible.

You can view the rest of the entries to the contest HERE! Be sure to give them a browse and leave a comment! Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a great exercise in showing our appreciation for how art connects and influences us all.

:heart: Lili

Skin by Dan Leveille


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