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deviation in storage by palaeochannel6

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I'm a Literature CV!

How to suggest

Just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion include the thumb code (or URL) along with the reason why you think the deviant deserves a Daily Deviation.

I may not reply to all suggestions but I do read, consider and appreciate every suggestion :heart:.


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From the always inventive Mrs-Durden

"Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!"

I am incredibly late posting this, seeing as November is nearly over. :lol: But here are my favorite DDs from October 2015:
My Spider Wears a Tinfoil Hat     Murder is wrong. Murder is usually, most entirely and for the most part extremely bad when it comes down to it. Shockingly enough, people thought murder was so wrong that they made laws about it. You can't murder people is what they say and they say that you can't harm animals either. That doesn't stop one from killing alien species.
     The alien in question was tall, black and had eight legs. Eight long, entirely gross and disgusting legs that scurried away into dark corners with its equally—if not more-so—ugly eyes. Spiders sucked and that is really the point of it all.
     There are a lot of options on what one can do when they spot one of these alien creatures. Scream is always the first option whether one likes it or not. The louder and higher the scream depends on where one happens to find the spider. If it's on the floor about fifty or so feet away, a quick “ah” is sufficient. However, if you find the s
Zero PenceJasmine left the house and tucked her chin into her winter coat. This was good as it hid her insane mutterings both visibly and audibly. It was also very comfy.
“Um, okay,” she said to herself as she made her way down the street. “Everything’s okay. This morning is okay.” She manoeuvred around smeared dog-shit. “Gross. But gross. Everything’s okay but gross.” A man turned onto the street she was walking on. “Okaaay. Everything’s okay and gross and I’m going to die.” She made fists in her pockets, remembering to keep her thumb on the outside like Toby said. “I’ll fight, but ohmygod he’s big. Why am I so small? Why am I tiny? I’m a borrower. He’s going to kill me. I’m going to die.” The man passed her by. “Dumb. I’m just so dumb.”
Her train of thought started its scheduled journey from I’m Just So Dumb to the station at the end of the line where it rai
The Mythology of PoetryThe Mythology of Poetry
“Mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical.
It has been well said that mythology is the penultimate truth--
penultimate because the ultimate cannot be put into words..
It is beyond words."
                                           ― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth
The fire is still a new thing.
This spark of a young God, kindling
Creation. This flabbergastic fancy
brought to fruition through
a simple rushed rubbing of sticks,
the snicker-snack clacking of stone.
The hairy hominid fingers waggle,
in the growing blaze, throwing up
sacred dancing shadow priests
to consecrate the cold cave walls.
Darkness laid bare, for the first time,
showing all, in flickers of now-glory
not the gloomcasts of old-fear.
This hearth-fire must be protected.
This blessing must be acknowledged.
This flame must not go out.
A sacrifice to hon
to the woman who drowned herself in the bathtub.i.
to the woman who drowned herself in the bathtub:
in the magazine I own that published your story,
they blurred out the crime scene photographs,
erasing your face and
the full curves of your breasts.
some part of me wonders
if you would have wanted this,
or if you would have liked for 
the public to see you in your final moments,
half-soaked in grey-looking water,
your hair in strings, glued to the porcelain,
eyes closed and mouth gaping,
no breath stirring, no bubbles rising.
sometimes when I look
into the depths of my bathroom sink,
I hear your voice
(or what I imagine it to be--
after all, we never met).
you sit on the edge of the toilet seat,
and chat to me about the weather.
I would give anything to hear your real, living voice,
to ask you what you were thinking
as you lowered yourself
into the tub, queen of the tendrils of steam,
and let your lungs deflate like old birthday balloons.
on the news they say that your autopsy
revealed three quarters
of a bottle o
Aegon by Tri5tate
Ghost by Sturmideenkind
Club26, Sisters by Vint26

man by RobertFremer
sculpted head by avroragum
Lines by Erasky
It's time by rarazet
Ghost in the Room by piccadilley

:heart: Lili




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