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January 20, 2012
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Demonstrably Deviant: Issue II

Fri Jan 20, 2012, 9:27 AM

Sometimes we meet members of DeviantART who are just plain cool. They leave critique, they make great art or write great stories, they participate in groups and are generally just active and fun to be around. They also don't get any attention because being cool means you don't need attention to keep being cool. This interview series is meant to give all of you a small glimpse into the minds of these demonstrably deviant members. Twice monthly, I'll interview one of these deviants and feature work from their gallery. If you'd like to see someone interviewed for this series, just shoot me a note :note: with the subject "Demonstrably Deviant".

GrimFace242: Writer, Founder, Tutorial Buff

thorns noted me about GrimFace242 and I think she sums it all up beautifully: "[He] is awesome in general, but he's ridiculously productive." From founding and running FocusOnLit, to extensive work with Beta-Readers, and numerous Literature Guides and Character Sheets this guy is all over the place in the lit community. Plus, he writes fanfic for my favorite show. :) Please take a moment to go say hello!

1. Let's start with the basics: How did you discover deviantART and what made you stay?

I have this cousin that invades my home when she finds something interesting.  Usually it's a TV Show or movie that gets forced on me, this time it was dA. 

The community, particularly the Lit Community, is what's kept me here.  I was lucky enough to get in with a grand bunch, and now I can't leave.

2. What deviation are you most proud of in your gallery? Tell us a bit about the creative process behind it.

Any of the Fighting Fate story (but I really love the Ash Leaves chapter) because I've been working with those characters for over ten years and have done at least three different plots with them until I was able to find the one I liked the most.

After that, I'd say my Jane & Todd series of shorts.  The Curse being my current favorite because it ...well, it just is.  I think it's my best so far in the series.

3. What influences, other than literature itself, weigh into your work?

Life.  I'm that creepy guy that sits in the park with a notebook writing down everything that's going on around him.  I volunteer at the local animal shelter and try to talk with all the other volunteers to get their stories.  I try to go to the VA hospital at least once a month to help out and hear the stories these guys have.

4. Now something a little different. :eyes: If you could exact revenge against someone or something, what would it be and how would you go about it? (You may not kill the person or thing.)

I exact revenge on my housemate almost on a daily basis.  You see, we're constantly pranking each other (or just causing a ruckus).  It is because of these pranks that various rules are posted around the house.  Right now there is a note on the bathroom that states I'm not allowed in there with cottage cheese. ;P  For the moment, I'm actually waiting on revenge, but I'm sure I'll be exacting in before too long.

5. What is your favorite sound? Why?

Paws on the floor.  Anyone that knows me, knows I have seven dogs (and various other critters) and the sound they make as they herd themselves through the house is my favorite thing in the world.

6. Lastly - If deviantART was a country, who would you elect/appoint to government?

You want me to limit it to one?  Well, hmmm...yea, I can't pick just one.  I'd have to make a team of awesomeness.  It would include: thorns, a-fiery-boom, EmmyIsAZebra, linaket & evil83angel.

Selections from GrimFace242's Gallery

Pack MentalityLogan stood with his head cocked at the front of the group.  He was questioning the intruder with his eyes.  Loki, his second in command, was standing just to his left; their shoulders touching.  Sunny, the youngest but strongest of the group, was on Logan's right side.  The three males stood phalanxed, protecting the two females behind them.
Looking to both sides first and twitching his nose toward the metal intruder, Logan stepped forward while Loki and Sunny closed together in his absence.  None of them knew what to make of the metal beast with glowing orange eyes.  
As Logan circled around the beast, it moved and mimicked his actions; circling so it was always looking at the leader of the pack.  It leaned closer as Logan leaned closer.  Logan's eyes darted back to Loki for a split second then focused on the intruder again.  His wet nose touched the cold metal of the beast.
Immediately Logan ya
5 Steps to Organize Your NovelWhat You'll Need:
:bulletblack: A basic story idea
:bulletblack: Printer (preferably laser) with plenty of paper
:bulletblack: Pens
:bulletblack: Three Ring Binders (2) with separating tabs
Build Your World and Characters
For most writers, this comes naturally.  If you're having some issues, there are plenty of tutorials, guides, aids and groups available for assistance.  For the purpose of this guide, you should have your world built and at the very least your main characters devised.  Having secondary characters planned will get you bonus points!
Print Character and Plot Sheets
Each character should have their own sheet (keep the backs blank, they're a grand place to keep extra notes and page references).  It's not necessary that you fill out every single line of the character sheet.  Fill out only what is necessary for the character/plot.  Feel free to add to the sheet as your write, too.  The
Lovesick Puppy
Nearly seven months later and he was still amazed at the silver glitter on his hand.  He was never a guy to wear jewelry aside from a necklace here or there.  Now he wore that ring every day.  
At first, he wasn't sure if he'd ever get used to it, but it quickly became something he missed when he took it off for vigorous work.  He felt naked without the ring on his finger.
“Are you ever going to stop playing with it?”  Jane had been watching him roll the ring around his finger.
“Playing with what?”  Todd looked up.
“Your ring.  You've been fiddling with it for almost half an hour now.”
“Have not.”
“Yes, you have.”
Todd sulked.  Had he really been doing it for that long?  It looked bright and surreal against the tanned color of his hand.  “I'm just not used to it.”
“Well, get used to it.  
Ash Arrives at Dune Castle
"Malachi!"  Ash screamed from the stairs before the keep in Malachi's castle.  "I won't say it again!"  Ash was perched on Shadow's bare back; his cloak laying across Shadow's back in front of him.
"To what do I owe the honor of you being in my castle?  And how is it that you are in my castle?"  Malachi appeared at the top of the steps flanked by Rafe on his right and Skylar on his left, a group of soldiers waiting for orders standing behind him.
"As if your men wouldn't be scared of me, or more correctly the Nightmare which I ride?"  Ash knew how to speak Malachi.  He always had to take a superior tone with the King.  Otherwise, Malachi would never see him as an equal; and being an equal with Malachi was the only way to gain his confidence.  "Besides, a Dwarf could jump from your gatehouse to the portcullis."
Malachi smirked, raised a hand, and with the twist of his wrist the soldiers dispersed.&
Skylar Meets Alegra
"That's it right up there."  Ash pointed a few hundred yard in front of them.
"Why do they call it the Whispering Woods?"
"There used to be an abundance of people, human and non, that could hear and understand languages other than their own.  And it was during those times that this wood was named because people used to be able to hear the trees talking.  They used to be able to hear the rocks moving, and the water cutting through the earth.  But either the trees stopped talking or the people stopped listening.  Either way, it's still held its name."
"Really?  People could talk to the trees?"  Skylar was perplexed.
"I take it they can't do that where you come from?"
"Well, I guess some of them can, but the ones that admit to it are considered to be insane."  Skylar thought about the grocery store magazines that would just love one day in this world.  They'd have news for more than a year.
As they a

Thanks for reading!

Sometimes we meet members of DeviantART who are just plain cool. They leave critique, they make great art or write great stories, they participate in groups and are generally just active and fun to be around.

This week, we interview =fenris242! Please :+favlove: this article and remember to note me if you have a suggestion for the next interview!

:heart: Lili

:pointr: Demonstrably Deviant: Issue I
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