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The Great Lit Crit Event!

Sun Jun 1, 2014, 12:00 AM

:iconlawooplz: EXTENSION!! :iconlawooplz:

Being that I've been a bit absent (real life, ugh) I've decided to extend BOTH PARTS of this contest. 

If you have not yet submitted a poem or story to the contest, you have until AUGUST 15TH to send me a note with a thumb or link to your deviation. 

If you still need time to leave feedback, you have until AUGUST 31ST to leave your comments or critiques to be entered in the epic prize drawing. 

Because Critique is Awesome!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a couple articles about critique in the deviantART community.  The response to those articles was generally positive, which was completely awesome. Several people expressed a desire to try their hand at giving and receiving critique, and so the idea for this contest was born! :la:

Step One: Write

You may submit any piece of writing for the contest. It does not need to be a new piece, but it must adhere to these guidelines:

:bulletgreen: Prose should be 2,000 words or less. 
:bulletgreen: Poetry should be 100 lines or less.
:bulletgreen: Mature content is accepted as long as appropriate filters are in place.
:bulletgreen: Please proof-read your work for glaring spelling/grammar errors. Pieces with multiple errors will be rejected.
:bulletgreen: In your artist comment, include a link to this article.
:bulletgreen: Also include a few specific critique requests (such as help with imagery, line breaks, or pacing) in your artist comment. 

To submit literature to the contest, send me a :note: Note with a thumb or link to the deviation. You may submit 1 piece of prose and 1 piece of poetry. I need all submissions no later than August 15th. And please keep in mind that you will be required to leave feedback on at least one other piece if you submit to the event.

Step Two: Leave Feedback

For this event, you will be leaving feedback only on entries submitted to me. You can find all of those in my favorites folder

Your feedback can be as long or short as you like, but must adhere to these guidelines:

:bulletgreen: You must state that you are leaving the feedback for The Great Lit Crit Event somewhere in your critique or comment.
:bulletgreen: Your critique should adhere to the etiquette policies of deviantART.
:bulletgreen: Your critique should contain at least one piece of constructive feedback and one piece of constructive praise. 
:bulletgreen: You may link to resources on and off deviantART in your critique, and/or expand upon something another critic has already said.
:bulletgreen: Your critique should use proper grammar and spelling. 
:bulletgreen: You do not need to use the Premium Critique feature to enter the event. Comments are just as awesome.

To submit your feedback to the Event, leave a link to the comment or critique on this journal by August 31st.
FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment?


I am still gathering prize donations! :la: If you'd like to donate points, there is a widget at the top of my profile page. Any other donations can be noted to me! All participants usernames will be put into a drawing for random prizes. Prize list so far:

- $10 Amazon Gift Card x2 from LiliWrites
- Critique x5 from LiliWrites 
- Journal feature x5 from LiliWrites
- Print or art gift from the deviantART shop ($10 or less) x2 from points donations
- Prose commission (2000 words or less) from TwilightPoetess 
- Poetry commission from TwilightPoetess 
- First line or title commission x3 from TwilightPoetess 
- Prose commission (1000 words or less) from TwilightPoetess 
- Critiques x3 from HuntingForHappiness
- llamas and a journal feature for everyone from MagicalJoey 
- Journal feature from C-A-Harland 
- Journal feature from Vigilo 
- 1-Month Premium Membership x5 from points donations
- 3-Month Premium Membership x3 from points donations
- 100 points x5 from points donations
- Journal feature and llama badge from Astrikos
- Journal feature and llama badge from ezradeacon
- Feature in September edition of Literature Almanac Monthly by Naktarra 

Points Donors (Thank you!!!)

Who can enter?

Anyone! :eager: All members of deviantART are invited to the event.

What are the deadlines for entry?

I need all literature submissions noted to me by June 30th.

You can start leaving feedback as soon as you see work show up in this favorites folder. The deadline for leaving feedback for the prize drawing is July 31st

Prize winners will be announced on August 5th.

:pointr: REMEMBER: If you submit a piece of literature, you must leave at least one piece of feedback to be entered in the prize drawing.


If you have a question or need help with something, leave a comment!

:) Happy critiquing. 


A community event to encourage feedback! And prizes! :)

Extended! Updated prize list! :D
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Amarie-Veneanar Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
Oh, I didn't notice, that you had extended the deadline for submissions. Yay, thank you! :hug:
LiliWrites Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yep yep! Send me a note by the 15th! :)
Naktarra Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014   Writer…

There will be more to come. :heart:
InklingsOfOblivion Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey! Sorry for being a pain- I've only just found out about this contest so haven't entered a piece. Can I still participate by leaving critiques? :heart:
LiliWrites Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yes! And I'm actually extending it by a month so you can leave lots of critiques! :D
InklingsOfOblivion Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:la: :eager: I'd best get cracking then!! 
LiliWrites Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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